Bonjour à vous

Greetings world! Allow me to 1st introduce myself, before I endeavor to share my marvels & criticisms based on my observation; predominantly, architecture & built environments.

Who am I to comment? Unlike many bloggers out there that narrate & dwell in their own make believe realms, I am however, a qualified professional w/ nearing a decade of practice.
* Diploma in Product & Industrial Design (’99)- Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
* Bachelor of Built Env. & Engineering- Industrial Design (’02)- Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane QLD, Australia

In my years of learning & honing my craft, I’ve ventured far & wide, been to many destinations & cities (more than some of my peers ever have). Grateful as I am, to be able to witness & appreciate some of the jaw dropping/ drool summoning sites & epic architectures, I am most certain that clever use of light (by day & night) can breathe life into the man-made structures.

The powers that be who determines & defines the lighting application, either gives life or murders!

In the contributions to come, I shall endeavor to share my views & shed light on some of the laud worthy, as well as the disasters that give the practice a bad name.

P.S.: any professional who can’t take criticism, is no different to that of a frog rotting in his/her own well.

Disclaimer: to avoid unnecessary libel entanglements, let it be known; that my contributions/ citations are purely based on my opinion, to present an alternative approach towards the citation, to educate followers- how I might have done certain things differently.

About Alvin Tan

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  1. JWNY says:

    Look forward to see more entries

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