Pragmatism vs Exaggeration

Most typical Singaporeans probably have experienced it, but never paid attention to it, or, couldn’t care less about it.

Every once in awhile, 1 would find him/herself immersed in the environment, frowning & fretting about the vexing issues that life has to offer, especially in the stressful livelihood of this costly island city.

It is beyond doubt that 1 would have queued for the services of public commute at the public bus terminal, and would indefinitely have dined at a typical neighborhood coffeeshop. Particularly so, in the evenings. Somehow, many would have neglected the contrast of visual irritation, regardless of the environment… Perhaps, too worn out to even think, feel or react to the discomfort. Very much the similar effects of a child suffering from malnutrition, too weak to react to the flies.

Allow me to bring your attention to the examples of smart & stupid lighting application.

A positive example, is what you will notice ongoing at public bus terminals. It goes w/o saying that the aesthetics of fixtures couldve been better, but not a necessity, for it is correct lighting ergonomics that take precedents.

The ceilings are high, mounting of the fluorescent fixtures are very well spaced out, allowing light to cross paths, providing ample lux levels on areas that matter. Regardless when in or outside the queuing berths; 1 would find it comfortable to read. Not to mention, proper lighting level serves for safety & visibility for people of all walks of life. In particular, senior in age, as well as the visually impaired.

On the contrary, in the case of a negative example, what you would find in the typical neighborhood is the typical coffeeshop. In my opinion, lighting disaster!

The ceilings are not as high as that of the bus terminal, surface area is also merely just a fraction. No doubt, desired lux levels can & should be higher than it is required at the bus terminal, but is no excuse to overkill. As a result, too much light is in use, and in my opinion, an utter waste of energy.

It is not as if the choice of lighting fixtures are any safer than it should. Exposed fluorescent tubes may naturally be a slip-short application, easier for maintenance/ lamp replacement etc. What is forgotten, is the protection required not only in the case of compromising ingress, but also, breakage & mecury vapor leakage.

The island self-professes its maturity & achievements of being 1st world… how much truth does that statement hold, there’s more than meets the eye.

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