Orange, not Green

This little island, small as it can be, so small that even the dot that marks it’s spot on the atlas is larger than it is (despite decades of land reclamation).

Little do we know, that this island is also among the top when it comes to bashful accolades, such as; lighting pollution, carbon emission (per capita), poor management of amenity lighting etc.

What’s new? When darkness falls, u look up to the sky, and u can’t spot ‘Orion’ nor the other constellations. Well, its a sure sign of lighting pollution. Fortunate enough, there isn’t any international governing body to issue penalties.

Any airborne visitor or traveler leaving this island will notice that the island is glowing orange when they look through the passenger windows of their aircrafts. In the industry, those orange lights are known as sodium. Sodium lamp-sources aren’t really the best types of light to be used for amenities. Nobody can really tell the importance of color rendering index (CRI), but to put it in layman’s term, it simply means poor color realism.

Fact is, road user become visually impaired by the poor CRI. Hence, objects appear in somewhat 2 tones. Not being able to see color (as real as they should) indirectly affects a person’s capacity to judge & relate; distances, shapes & sizes. Rightly so, is a contributor to the number of roadkills & accidents.

For some reason, the choice for using sodium on roads is probably the worst ever known to man. Yet, vehemently used by authorities. It is not as if they can’t employ the use of white metal-halide, and/or white sodium, considering they produce similar, if not better lux, as well as the all important CRI!

Let’s also be reminded, in lieu of better lux or CRI, the number of lighting points can also be reduced, perhaps by 10-15%.

In minor roads & open car park situations, white light adds to the touch of security, where suspicious characters lurking are more visible. In the same way, rodent pests have less tendency to come out from their ditches too (unless dire).

So, is sodium (orange) light green? Definitely not!

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