Reflection… Refraction

Factually speaking, man made light is fundamentally minute compared to sunlight. Regardless in the day or in the night, light is fundamentally necessary in almost any given scenarios of mankind’s livelihood.

Instead of dwelling on the never ending chase for higher wattage for higher lumen output, and/or being haunted by the extremes, to greatly reduce the power consumption, to generate maximum lumen output, one of nature’s inspired solution evolved some time in the 18th century.

Unbelievable it seems? Well, the clever use of reflection & refractions/ magnification graced our planet in the form of light beacons/ light tower/ light house. It took a little innovation to multiply the algorithms & distances that light could travel. Not only did it pave the way for signal lights/ obstruction lights, it also inspired the change in conventional & contemporary lighting.

In case we never paid any attention, reflection & refraction has been greatly in use throughout almost every form of lighting application imaginable, within our environment. i.e.: ceiling down lighters, floodlights/ spotlights, table lamps, head lamps, tail break lights, street lamps, camera flash, strobe lights, air/ sea crafts, obstruction lights, hazard lights, security light… etc.

Had it not been for the clever innovation, we’d probably be baking ourselves whenever we attempt to use light.

In recent years, we’ve began to see integration of lenses for use in LED luminaires, and in due time, energy conservative solutions will be rolling out to save our blushes where carbon footprint is concerned.

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