Bugs’ Life

Peculiar as it seems that insects & critters have preference to nest within light fittings, often times adding to the chores despite our already arduous daily lives.

Is it true that insects are naturally attracted to light? Yes & no. Certain breeds of insects have tendencies to be attracted to UV light, and as we know, UV is among the list of color spectrum in most given light sources. Hence Janet Jackson’s infamous whisper “like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire” (song title: ‘that’s the way love goes’).

On that basis, the clever use of black bulbs aka UV lamps are employed as electronic insect repellents. Where the insects are drawn to the light & gets fried on hitting the electric fence/grill.

In truth, it is the ultrasonic humming buzz in the control gears/ ballasts that is the hot favorite for most insects. And it is evident that we find more crispy insect carcasses in light fixtures using magnetic ballasts/ gears. While in the case of HF electronic ballasts, we hardly find an insect carcass. And all the more we find LED fixtures almost never penetrated by insects.

If savings on electrical tariffs isn’t attractive enough, having to deal less with insect carcasses should be reason enough to adopt energy saving solutions, at least where lighting is concerned.

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