When you need sunblock..?

Leading up from late last week to this week was a fair bit of fire fighting on my end. No, there wasn’t any combustion to deal with, but more so having to deal with the fickle-mindedness of clueless designers who know not what they want. In case you’re thinking it’s an isolated case, it actually isn’t. The only difference is how fickle & how frequent do decisions change overnight.

I shall not divulge the project name nor the designers doing the patty flipping, but it all started when the intent was to employ the use of halogen down lighters. However, given the nature of the project being a sales/retail gallery, it didn’t make sense as the environment would be dim as a hotel lounge.

After taking my comments into consideration, the designers made a shocking decision to use 2x 32w compact fluorescent in place of what previously would have been nicely done, using metal halides. It seems my advice have fallen on deaf ears.

Well, I don’t know what gave them the idea of it being necessary for overkill lighting. Lets just hope they don’t change their minds towards completion.

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