How much is true?

Having been in the industry for long, there has been much talk about dimming functions for lighting that can help to save energy & go easy on your wallets. It’s amazing how many people take that piece of news wholesale. Question is, how much is true? Do you really know what you’re paying for, or are you taken for a ride?

Ever since electronic gears/ ballasts came onto the scene, much has been explored and there is truth that the concept of dimming does help to cut down on consumption. However, how much savings in reality? Many are contented that they are subscribing to dimming, but don’t bother finding out how much savings is involved.

Variable resistance dimming in essence is reducing current flow to the incandescent lamp, hence reducing the lumens. That we know during experimentation in elementary science. Then there’s 1~10v dimming, also transposing the concept of variable resistance dimming- typically seen in homes and or restaurants.

Many are amazed that dimming is also applicable in fluorescent lamps, and many are apprehensive. Factually, dimming technology is almost at full bloom, where it is capable of automated progressive diming, automated step dimming, or manual controlled dimming. It is also feasible to set dimmed setting as default when the lamp is switched on.

These wonders were developed with intent to aid commercial & industrial facilities in reducing their operation costs. However, much remains to be decided by the managements to implement.

In my opinion, such initiatives should also be recognized & appreciated by governing agencies, and that these solutions are to be considered for Greenmark qualification.

Anyway, you don’t need authorities to advocate doing your own pockets the favor.

About Alvin T.

i bring architecture/ developments to life when night falls, i see the world in a different light. Dedicated a chunk of my adult life towards my profession & passion, for which i'm grateful & proud to have accomplished. My past time, i hang our with my pals over food & drinks, break sweat over football, and pampering myself during 'me' time. Life's too short to hold back our expressions, speaking our thoughts add colors to the boring & mundane lives of the walking dead.
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