A young lady who lived in a shoe… box?

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe is a nursery rhyme familiar to most, while here in this land scarce island is gradually seeing more shoe-box home units stacked as high-rise dwelling options, serving as alternatives to all other forms of public & private housing layouts.

What really is a shoe-box unit? Some call it 1 plus 1, some prefer it called a studio apartment. Whatever the case may be, given the space limitations within such inhabitation, these dwellings are ideal for those who are bent on singlehood and/or with little/no intentions on procreation.

Given a dwelling place of average 500qsf, one can jump into bed upon stepping through the door.  There’s probably insufficient space for a proper full-bloom kitchen, except for a tiny pantry.  To some extent would remind us vividly of what a hostel or dormitory would look like.

On a positive note, should one have the means to adequately decorate such a unit, it may be ideal for a bachelor’s pad.

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  1. Jay Double U And Why says:

    Great article

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