Light – Bountiful Intangible Benefits

Since ages past, even long before human civilization was established, we, along with all other species that walk the lands of this planet have thrived & benefited from the wonders of light, not just as form of tool & security, but also for its visible yet intangible benefits towards our well being.

Millenniums passed, we having become more intelligent & capable of harnessing technology, where we will the presence of light & its intensities wherever we want, whenever we want. Sprinkled with some creativity & sensitivity into innovations, lighting application now works towards subconscious therapeutic values as well. Marriage of color psychology has also been put in place to make out lives better.

Color temperatures and balancing of lumens plays a big role in the productivity in manufacturing & production lines, while in other circumstances have been played towards soothing of sanity, as found in restrooms & rest areas.

While in the F&B/ hospitality industries, the right amount of light can bring in the crowds, for it is comfortable & chances are; these patrons are likely to revisit. While in some other disastrous cases when once can’t even read what’s on the menu has guaranteed itself, the filing of chapter 11.

In truth, there are myriads of lighting equipment available, making the possibilities of lighting application almost limitless (that’s if your pockets can afford it). And if you haven’t already realized the importance & benefits of correct lighting application, its not too late for you to start seeing the world like a negative film.

About Alvin Tan

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