Of Inhabitance & Congestions

A little abstract from the Gettysburg Address “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…”

Here on this tiny little land scarce island, where the dot on the world atlas over casts the land it’s intended to indicate, has in recent years witnessed influx of new inhabitants, adding numbers to the populace, created shifts & changes to the racial & societal demographics across the board. If I remember correctly, the population has almost doubled in a span of 10 short years.

With more people, it simply translates as logistical nightmare; more human traffic, more vehicles, more squeezing on public commute, more accommodations required, more eateries, more groceries, more disposals/refuse, more healthcare required, more hospital beds etc.

There have been issues & pressing concerns of sorts sprouted from the long list of nightmare that has split the republic into segments, but unanimously, all are dying for a solution to fix the contemporary problems, if left unaddressed could snowball into issues unimaginable.

People watching is something I do wherever I go, be it locally or abroad, I watch, I listen & I learn.

Browsing daily news of how the scholars call for reforms & back-to-square-one solutions to address the impending problems cracks me up sometimes. I really don’t know what geniuses they are to throw in more buses/ trains to add on to the aggravated road congestion problems, while, if by adding more vehicles to accommodate commuters only mean, traffic will be crawling almost at a stand-still. Besides, that will only add more problems with regards to operation costs, while fuel prices will just continue to spike through the roof (despite the crawling traffic).

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to solve the problems at hand, so, please indulge with me a little, because I’d gladly take a fraction of their salaries, for solutions they’ll never imagine possible…

The root problem is “numbers”, numbers translates people. the current situation is where tens of thousand of people converge into the city center where they all work, and a big chunk of these people are stuck behind the desk from sunrise till possible after sundown. Given the luxury of connectivity infrastructures via internet & telecommunications, does it make any sense to travel halfway across the island stuck in massive jams daily for nearly 2hrs each time, just to be deskbound for the next 8-12hrs?

If you still don’t get what I’m saying, I’m saying “welcome to the 21st century, and a decade past millennium!” this tiny island has had the infrastructure to facilitate high speed/capacity broadband internet for users to exploit its availability for entertainment & communications. Surely, it is capable to facilitate almost seamless connectivity for business operations to the extent it dispels the need to even step out of the house… no sorry, get out of bed, to be connected to work.

Hypothetically, if 50% of the jobs people fill are deskbound, and that these people don’t even step out of their homes to get work done, automatically means we will witness an immediate 50% decrease in number of commuters during rush hour.

And if the remaining 50% of jobs require employees to be present at their workstations, be it; retail, food & beverage, assembly lines, logistics & delivery etc. surely 3m people commuting at different times of the day, to different pockets of the island is not going to be as disastrous that what we witness worsening these days.

On the contrary, should there be no immediate shift in human movement management, and people continue to converge into the city center, then it is imperative to explore alternative routes; via sea or air.

Fortunately, this island is surrounded by sea, while there are still some leads that trickle inland, hence, therein remains some possibilities to explore catamaran ferry shuttle services, so to reduce the number of commuters on land.

Given the present economic climate, commute by air is not exactly feasible, unless the masses can afford.

Now that I’ve shed some light of my perspective, I guess I’ve managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that it takes a creative mind to solve issues that incompetent ones cannot.

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