It isn’t water splashing festival…

The recent weeks of torrent rainfall coupled with inadequate irrigation management in some rural provinces, saw the annual knee high flooding issue escalate into 1 of the deadliest calamity that Thailand faced in nearly half a century. According to CNN this morning, it’s been reported that the death toll in lieu of the recent flood took some 315 lives, and how many more unreported cases is anybody’s guess.

Since decades passed, it appears that this anticipated problem has been mentioned time & again by HM Bhumibol Adulyadej, but for some weird reason, has fallen on deaf ears by many of the top officials in succession. Perhaps, not that they didn’t do anything about it, but more like,  they couldn’t do anything great enough or fast enough, due to the high turn over rate of top officials (to the likes of musical chairs). Needless to say, nothing much could be done during and after the military coup, as well as the interim administration in the latest election fall out.

In all fairness, this bomb of a parcel that fell in the lap of the newest lady Thai Premier is probably unforeseen, or shall we say, nobody in the political arena could be prepared for such a paramount event.

We’ve learnt & read that the barricades were set up in time to save the capital city, but this marks a new beginning for mater-plan reviews; to better manage development plans,  enforce tree planting & vegetation,  macro & micro management of irrigation & sewage network etc.

It is also quite clear that it is now the sole/top priority that needs to be addressed with immediate effect, so that history doesn’t repeat itself, come this time next year.

Some ideas off the cuff:

  1. grand scale water catchment areas and/or  reservoirs in low lying territories
  2. grand scale underground flood management network to store or channel excess rainfall out of threatened cities
  3. grand scale water containment systems to store away incumbent inland fresh water, so to better accommodate anticipated heavy precipitation
  4. enlarging incumbent dikes & reservoirs to better accommodate heavy precipitation
  5. more comprehensive leads to channel water out to the coast & gulf

Then again, some things are always easier said than done. The above listed ideas will cost more than a bomb to materialize. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t be where we are today without creativity & believe.

Miracles exist only because people don’t believe enough of its possibility.

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