Hold the Horse on The Cliff Edge

The series of catastrophic events that took the world by storm, ie; upsized tsunamis, frequent quakes, popping volcanoes, trending anarchy, viral mutation, epidemic outbreaks, genocide, senseless killings, flooding, economy crippling etc, all within the past decade, has gotten me thinking & appreciating documentaries & national geography very much more than in my schooling days.

Generations of research & studies have been condensed into bit sized information, spoonfed to us in bite sized episodes, have gotten me thinking long & hard about what more can we as occupants on this dying planet do, to retard and/or reverse the destructive process fast enough, in order to preserve it for our future generations.

Losing sleep after several nights thinking that this whole thing, is like a runaway train that’s running out of rail to travel, is really quite a sad picture to be looking at.

Global warming was once just a big word, but the myriads of implication hasn’t really been spelt clearly. But if we spend time paying a little closer attention to the sublime events that happen, connect the dots, and we’ll find ourselves staring horror in its face.

By now, nobody would deny knowledge of the holes in the atmospheric layer, they call it ozone. Therefore, UV shines like light through a magnifying glass. Word has it that, greenhouse gas emission is ingredient to creating more holes in the ozone.

While the temperature escalates nominally, ice caps in the north & south poles thaw & melt away, so we’ll have increased surface area/ water mass. Thawing also means that prema-frosts release methane from prehistoric graves (dinosaur carcasses) into the atmosphere, regardless if their on land, or under the sea.

When water mass increase, the pressure on the plates of the crust layers that shifting, and when they shift far enough, we get quakes (regardless on land or underwater)… sometimes enough to produce tsunamis.

Water level rising also means more volume taking place in the water cycle, where massive amounts of water can be dumped during monsoons, and lead to flooding in places with irrigation systems incompetent to handle such volumes of rainfall.

Livestocks & agriculture businesses get affected, soon leading to hike in food prices, amidst the already dented economic situation. In a nutshell, it shouldn’t take too long before we realize ourselves becoming characters in the Kevin Costner movie ‘Waterworld’.

Come to think of it, there may come a day where material resource will be scarce enough, where it becomes almost impossible to print currencies. Will we find ourselves stranded with a situation with nothing except the shirts on our back? I certainly won’t throw that thought out the window just yet.

we need to ask ourselves what must we do collectively to retard, and/or reverse (hopefully) the abuse we’ve done to this land.

Off the cuff, I’ve already conceptualized a few ideas that must happen concurrently, but these projects will cost just as much as (or more than) what it takes to put a man on the moon. And I wonder who’s keen to finance it all, seriously… Who?

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