Phosphor running out fast…?

It wasn’t too long ago that manufacturers discovered critical shortage in raw materials that is needed for the increasing demands, naturally when demand exceeds supplies, prices escalate in tandem. It was sometime in mid 2011 that lighting manufacturing giants noted there was a shortage of phosphor. In case you didn’t know what phosphor is, it’s that powder-like substance in side fluorescent lamps that makes illumination possible – without phosphor, all you have is just a glass tube/bulb.

Despite the maturity of fluorescent lamps and all the wonders it has given to the world, the depletion of phosphor marks a sudden cliff-hanger situation for the world & light.

We can either take this tiny piece of news in our stride & make necessary changes to how we apply lighting in our environment, or, be like ostriches with heads buried in the sand, ignore the threats of an impending problem, make no changes to how we choose to apply light in our environment. And when that fateful day arrives, we find ourselves paying top dollar, just to replace a fluorescent tube/lamp.

Me, being just me, I’m not the sort that buys any piece of rumor or news circulated by a handful of people. Hypothetically, there’s also reason to believe that such a move is somewhat of an urban myth, so as to deliberately hike prices, so as to buffer the economic differences in the western world, and at the same time, to “convince” the world into adopting alternatives, that they’ve been battling to roll out as replacement of conventional lighting.

Well, like it or not, I personally am in favor of change, so as to do our part for the planet. We know for certain that LED emits no gases, and produces significantly consistence luminance, where its degradation curve isn’t as short & sharp compared to that of conventions.

As long as we use less of fluorescent & halogen, we’re on the right path to controlling the damage done to the planet.

If you haven’t a clue, on how you can make a difference, consult a responsible lighting professional, and/or lighting designer.

About Alvin T.

i bring architecture/ developments to life when night falls, i see the world in a different light. Dedicated a chunk of my adult life towards my profession & passion, for which i'm grateful & proud to have accomplished. My past time, i hang our with my pals over food & drinks, break sweat over football, and pampering myself during 'me' time. Life's too short to hold back our expressions, speaking our thoughts add colors to the boring & mundane lives of the walking dead.
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