It ain’t “Flooding”, it’s “Ponding”

The non-stop consistent rainfall with intermittent short recesses in between, from 23 Dec 2011 straight thru to 25 Dec 2011, resulted in some unsettling reports of flooding in town, as well as some hot spots. Once again, Liat towers wasn’t spared, and I’m pretty sure the tenants like Starbucks, Wendy’s & Hermes would be very keen to relocate real soon.

The ministry & authorities however have tried to play down the matter, by introducing a new word game, calling it ‘ponding’, suggesting that the seriousness wasn’t crippling enough to be called ‘flooding’.

Evidently, the overpaid fat cats are probably referring to the pictures of the man made pond in the botanic gardens, when they made that statement.

Not to mention, the scholars may have thought that they’ve escaped the ordeal by introducing the name game, failing to realize the implications that somebody’s been sleeping on the job. Or shall we say, vehement denial.

You see, “Flooding” is heaven sent. Its sometimes classified as a natural calamity/disaster, to which, mankind have no control over, and is susceptible to damages or if serious enough, lives lost.

On the contrary, “Ponding” is man-made. To pond is usually a deliberate human attempt, to induce water holding in specific areas, often controlled, planned & intentional.

I guess, whoever the genius was, who suggested its ‘Ponding’… has pawned their own necks, to more public scrutiny & incensed netizens.

Well, the next time any NEA officers come booking you for ‘spitting’, you may consider playing the matter down & say you were ‘drooling’.

Merry Christmas, keep dry everyone! Feliz Navidad

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