Genuine Ignorance or Deliberate Incompetence?

July 2012 marks the month of the Queens Jubilee, as well as the Summer Olympic games held in London, UK. Amidst the hype, global attention, international following on free-to-air broadcast, my neighbors & I were unfortunate to be missing out very much of the action, all thanks to almost nightly power outage to our residences.

Like clockwork, the power failure would kick in almost nightly, affecting the same units at the 2 blocks of flats, occasionally, affecting a few more random units.

Some of us, including myself have been residing there for more than 25yrs, and had never experience the routine power outage ever since the month of July 2012.

The hotline would be bombarded by all residents affected, followed by a poor chap who works for a nominated contractor responding to fiddle with the electrical meters & boxes, but not authorized to troubleshoot what’s within the switch-room, simply because it is under the purview of another agency, and the list goes own.

6weeks on, there still isn’t a single credible solution from the combined agencies, despite them dispatching their scholastic Qualified Professional (QP) & Professional Engineer (PE) to evaluate the situation.

Like a bunch of ignorant school leavers, they downplay the matter, trivialize the problem as if sufficed to appease the patience stretched & sleep denied residents. Their response to the Town Council not only made themselves look juvenile, but given the testament of repeated power outage, it also made themselves look incompetent.

While we’ve been denied of our much needed sleep, while many of our domestic appliances & gadgets are burning out 1 after another, I’ve been liaising with the Town Council, sharing with them my theory to the root cause of the problem, and contrasts greatly with the QP & PE’s speculation, but as usual, fallen on deaf ears.

Fancy such a problem to persist in what they claim to be a 1st World Nation? Whether they’ve politicized the matter, in being ignorant and/or incompetent to resolving the matter at hand is anybody’s guess.




About Alvin T.

i bring architecture/ developments to life when night falls, i see the world in a different light. Dedicated a chunk of my adult life towards my profession & passion, for which i'm grateful & proud to have accomplished. My past time, i hang our with my pals over food & drinks, break sweat over football, and pampering myself during 'me' time. Life's too short to hold back our expressions, speaking our thoughts add colors to the boring & mundane lives of the walking dead.
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