What’s new, what’s not, what’s brewing?

In case my recent hiatus has gotten anyone dozing off, I’ve been drowning in piles of exponential growth in workload in recent weeks. Hence, depriving me of time & opportunity to share; more of my recent findings or observations.

I was recently invited to the Advanced Technology & Design Event 2012 jointly organized by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korean Trade Agency in Singapore. I had the opportunity to sit in at 1 of the presentations demonstrating a new innovation, involves transparent interactive screen display technology.

It’s no longer an imagination, but interactive showcase or display windows have now become a reality….

A product showcase with a displayed high value product is centered, while the programmed software does its job in promoting the goods that is displayed within. The varied motion graphics that captures audiences using; colors, varied opacity levels and movements etc. further to add, it  is not a self indulgent graphic display, it responds and reacts to touch.

A viewer can actually interact on the screen to learn more about the merchandize, there are also simple graphic dials that allows the viewer to maneuver the merchandize without touching/ contaminating/ damaging. On a side note, I think the museum historians/ librarians/curators will love this technology to bits.

Cost is something that many would be curious about, simply because the LED display solutions have been a critical problem towards power consumption, temperature emission, while the maintenance factors are fast becoming a deterrent towards large format motion and/or interactive displays.

In reality, large format 2D static displays too can be considerably costly to implement, while the process of changing displays can become a hefty recurrent cost to juggle with.

Figure an interactive display medium that allows remote source customizations and/or synchronized broadcast settings, giving business owners or campaign managers less nightmare concerning logistics. Who knows, maybe the entire boulevard could be displaying the same numbers for a new yr’s day countdown?!

The door to a future of display technology has been unveiled; I’m just so excited about the permutations and algorithms of potential for systems integration across different platforms & industries.

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