Temperature Rising like El Niño

It’s already 2014 and we’re no stranger to nature’s phenomenon called El Niño. The major shifts of climate patterns leave everyone in the limbo, and to expect the unexpected. Over the centuries of human defiling nature & taking things for granted, in the likes of; escalated carbon emission, degradation of the ozone layer, minimized greens to regulate temperature, ice caps melting, and quite recently, the waters of the pacific suffering from high fever.

When people fail to see the effects, or when they’re not directly affected by the consequences of actions, nobody actually bothers, except for reading & hearing about the epic events taken place elsewhere.

Freak weather patterns are just some of the mildest issues that we’d witness or experience. Some parts of the planet will find the humidity a little more discomforting than normal, others parts of the planet could be visited with a lot more precipitation than normal, other parts may be visited with epic storms and perhaps other phenomenon yet to be witnessed.

Meanwhile, it is evident that the climate change has led to significant loss of crops, loss of jobs, weakened economies, heightened inflations and plenty more.

Here’s another revelation if we haven’t already knew…

Corals in the oceans suffer from climate stress, where they appear to be bleached. The algae that thrive amongst the reefs are reduced, while the food source for corals also diminished. And when the food chain is affected, the fishes tend to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Another thing that is invisible to the naked eye is greenhouse gas emission from thawing & melting permafrost. This emission of in-ground methane is considerably potent and given the varsity, is producing larger volume of harmful greenhouse gases than farmed animals.

Hence, we’re looking at temperatures rising, and very likely, exponentially.


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