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To all my followers & readers, I’ve to apologize for my long hiatus in lieu of my swarmed schedule, but I trust that you’ve had some good insights on my food & journeying blogs, that I’ve been updating a little more regularly.

I’ve had some feedback from peers who’ve been reading, requesting for some useful tips that were immediately applicable in the house; citing reasons that if everyone does their part, and the initiative spreads across the neighborhood, across town, across cities, across states or countries etc. there’s a chance of a global movement to be more energy efficient.

Well, I’ve to admit that some of my illustrated ideas and theories may seem somewhat far-fetched, but if we look at the bigger picture, the initiatives macro or micro level shouldn’t take place in any order; but rather, should be attempted simultaneous (that’s if there are people keen on funding the paramount projects at all).

Here’s a short video clip that offers a temporary solution for anyone who wants to cut down on their electrical bills. Though it’d be the ideal solution for many underdeveloped & developing nations; and as most Singaporean men are familiar with the term “demonstration without explanation”.

Apparently, it’s been said that this technique can handle a load of up to 2000W, which means, it could take care of some essential appliances like; hair dryer, clothes iron, electric shaver, rice cooker, water kettle, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven etc.

I could imagine this would solve problems for those living in remote places where electricity is limited. In fact, it is applicable for disaster relief and/or displaced persons, where electricity is inaccessible.

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